Zero Spending Challenge – Day 5

My new debit card came today! So exciting! I’m ending the challenge after today, but I’m taking with me some important lessons.

First, I need to stop impulse spending. Turns out I tend to spend without thinking, and that’s not okay.

Second, the internet is probably my biggest temptation. I do like to give in to all those great deals, you know?

Finally, I must remember that it’s important to use what I have before buying more. New and shiny does not mean I have to buy it!

Still, I’m proud of what I did. And I managed to get through five days of no spending. Even though I had that card in hand by the end.

Honestly, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is fresh produce. I didn’t have any today, and that’s no fun at all. Not that I didn’t eat yummy food, mind you. A girlfriend gave me this delicious little Bundt cake yesterday, and hubby and I split it for breakfast.


Raspberry and White Chocolate. Talk about delicious. Don’t mind the sugar high! Hey. It was my day off. And since I don’t have kids around to whom I have to be a good example, sometimes I do get to eat dessert for breakfast. Of course, I made up for it at lunch.


Super low carb options made me feel much better. So did the nap, but that’s another story altogether. I took a nap because I knew I’d be out late. Why? Because we were going to the theater! Like…the live kind. With actors and lights and a live orchestra! We went to see The Wizard of Oz!


Well, it wasn’t Just Garland, although today was, apparently the 95th anniversary of her birth. So that was an interesting coincidence.

But since it was so late by the time we got home, dinner had to be super fast. And with not much fresh stuff left on hand, this is what I pulled:


I was grateful for the salad stuff left over from work. It helped round out the meal nicely. A good conclusion to a satisfying challenge.



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