Zero Spending Challenge – Day 4

Today was one of those days. Crazy busy at work, then go, go, go before finally getting home and wanting nothing more than to climb into bed. So. Tired. Funny thing. It’s easy to not spend money when you’re too busy to think about it! lol

Breakfast was a muffin. Still not sick of those! But I really, really wanted a latte. So I made one. With my Keurig and something I totally free at my local Ralph’s grocery store.


This stuff is fun! No, it isn’t Starbucks, but it hit the spot. And since it was free, well, it’s even better! And it saved me having to pull out my immersion blender, so that’s fewer dishes to wash. Sweet!

Since I was so busy today, I packed an ultra quick lunch. Quick, yes, but still satisfying. Besides, pickles count as produce, right?


For a quick lunch, these seasoned tuna pouches can’t be beat. I also like the ones with crackers, especially the Spicy Thai Chili version. But this is what I had on hand. And, as I said, I’m making do with what I already have.

Dinner was the high point. I didn’t have to cook…or even eat at home! Hooray for being treated to dinner! We went to this fabulous little hole-in-the-wall burger place and I ate until I thought I would pop. So good!


Then I had to walk around to be burn it off. I doubt I made much of a dent in the calorie count, but it was totally worth it!

So, yes, today was a good day. But it was very tiring and I’m looking forward to sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy day…but a good one. I have exciting plans, actually! Yep. It’ll be a great weekend. Hope you’re looking forward to yours, too! Happy Friday and welcome weekend!


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