Zero Spending Challenge – Day 3

How do you celebrate something without spending any money? This was the question I had to tackle today.

You see, hubby got a promotion at work today. It’s only 50 cents an hour more, and it’s still part time, but the hours are better and it’ll be a lot easier on his body. So we’re excited! First thought? “Wanna go out to dinner to celebrate?” After all, that’s what we normally do! Not being able to go out does mean we save that money, but it did seem to diminish the enjoyment of the promotion announcement. Another good way to celebrate? I haven’t actually figured that out. I’m open to suggestions, that’s for sure!

Food today was easy. We ate more of those yummy blueberry muffins for breakfast, which was fine. I really, REALLY wanted to stop at Starbucks for a latte, but I do have a Keurig at work, so I need to stop spending extra money on coffee. Seriously. I will live without it.

As I mentioned yesterday, there were about a million pounds of food left over from the potluck yesterday, so I made up a delicious taco salad for myself.


Is it bad that the lettuce is the part that excited me the most? It’s only day 3, and I’m already starting to miss vegetables quite a lot. I do love my veggies!

Dinner was another simple one. I found some garlic naan bread in my freezer and a jar of marinated cherry tomatoes in my pantry. When did I even buy those? Who knows? Still, I had a nice collection of ingredients. Even hubby could tell what I was going to make, and he can’t ever tell! lol


Obvious as can be, and he got very excited. I had to kick him, lovingly, of course, out of the kitchen so I could actually cook. See the green stuff in the picture? That’s my homegrown basil. I’ve kept it alive for over two years now in my kitchen and I’m far more proud of that than I probably should be! But it did mean I got to put something green on the pizza. Not really a substitute for vegetables, but it made me feel better.


How fabulous does that look? Those marinated cherry tomatoes are gorgeous! And I’ll let you in on a little secret: They taste great, too! I ate a couple pieces of the pizza, and hubby polished off the rest so quickly that he burned his mouth. 🤣 Now it’s time for those dishes, a cuddle with the cats (and one with the hubby), and a little reading before crawling into bed for the night. Happy Thursday…here’s to it almost being Friday and the end of the work week being in sight! Just seven more days of this challenge! I can do it!



2 thoughts on “Zero Spending Challenge – Day 3

  1. This sounds so hard! But I bet cooking at home and finding other things to do around the house or maybe even outside in nature could make it a bit easier! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading your future posts!

    Take a look at my blog if you get the chance?

    All the love,

    Mena from 🌸

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