Zero Spending Challenge – Day 2

I got to go shopping today! And it didn’t count as cheating! This was probably way more exciting to me than it should have been, and may possibly indicate that I have something of a shopping addiction. More on that later.

Overall, today was an easy day. I’m so glad I had the blueberry muffins made for the week. I really should do something like that every week. It makes mornings so much less stressful! Plus, I get to eat while I work with the kiddos, so I get to sleep an extra FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES! I’m not kidding when I say that this is a huge benefit. Seems like I never get enough sleep anymore. Remember when you were a kid and fought against that early bedtime? Yeah. An eight o’clock bedtime seems pretty amazing to me now. And naps. Wasted on the young. 😁

I decided to completely stay off the internet and email today, since I’m noticing that most of my shopping temptations seem to come from that direction. It actually helped quite a bit, and I didn’t find myself tempted in any way. Until after work. But I’m not there yet.

Lunch was awesome! I mentioned yesterday that we were having a work potluck. Mexican food. Yum! I brought the taco meat, for which I had everything on hand, and also some shredded garlic jack cheese. I know I said yesterday that it was gouda, but I was mistaken. It was jack. And it was good!


I cooked up the meat before work and stored it in the fridge until it was time to eat. I was worried people wouldn’t be happy about the cheese, but nobody complained. To be fair, there was so much food that I’m not sure anyone thought anything of it!


That’s my taco meat down in the corner. Everyone took seconds. 😄 Don’t library potlucks rock? And I didn’t have to pack a lunch, so that was a bonus! Plus, there’s enough food left over, that I can eat it again tomorrow for lunch. I love when things like this happen!

And then came the shopping. I had to run out to get some supplies for tomorrow’s craft program. It’s a fun one, and I know the kids will love it, but I needed black acrylic paint, and I was all out at my location. So I headed out to buy some. And some foam brushes. But since the library is paying for it, it isn’t cheating. It’s just work.

It was, however, a temptation. A big one. I kept looking around the store and seeing all kinds of things I wanted. Or that were on sale. Or that, well, mostly just things I wanted. They weren’t needs. Because, really, what so we actually need? So very little. We are so, so spoiled. I left the store feeling ashamed of myself for being so tempted by stuff. I think I might have a problem with shopping. I didn’t know that about myself until I started this challenge, so it’s been good for that, at least.

Dinner was quick and simple. Just a matter of pulling a few ingredients​ out of the freezer and pantry and cooking them up. Just don’t ask how long those bread sticks have been in my freezer. I’m thinking Valentine’s Day…


I’m lucky they still tasted okay! Anyway, it only took about 25 minutes to get dinner on the table. Hubby was beyond happy. I think he’d eat pasta every day if I let him! Truthfully, though, it’s nice to have something quick and comforting at the end of a long​ day. And since we both had rough work days (big projects at mine and long hours at his) quick and easy did the trick. Yum!


And with that, my day is done. Nothing left but to clean up the kitchen, cuddle with the hubby, and look forward to a great day tomorrow. Now if only I can avoid going into any stores, that would be great! I’m a fifth of the way through this challenge already. I’ve got this!





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