Thursday Craft Program: Foam and Bead Birds

We do a school-age craft program at my library every Thursday. It’s fun! It’s a place where kids and their parents can hang out, do a craft, and maybe make some new friends. Libraries aren’t just about books, after all. We’re community gathering places. And it’s a role I find very satisfying. Not that I don’t still find ways to put the right books in the hands of the right readers, of course. I do love books!

This was a fun little craft. I pulled it from a lovely little book called 20-Minute Crafts put out by Sterling Publishing.  Using simple supplies such as foam sheets, a little cording, and some beads, we got what is, I think, a pretty cute little bird. What do you think? I think he looks pretty good up in that tree!

For the kiddos, I traced the templates onto card stock, cut them out, and let them trace their own into the foam. Actually, I tend to be pretty free form when it comes to giving the kids directions. I really prefer that they use their creativity instead of just copying me. And this time, they did get rather creative! I love that none of them look like mine!

Of course, as I mentioned, I still do love books, so I put out a few of my bird-related favorites: There’s the classic Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert, the almost nonfiction Birds by Kevin Henkes, North, South, East, West by the consistently wonderful Margaret Wise Brown, and a new one for me that I highly recommend, Shy by Deborah Freedman.  All four of these made great read-alouds to kids who had finished the craft, making for a truly wonderful afternoon.


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